Club Cleveland To Become Apartment Building

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Club Cleveland has been empty for a few years. It used to be the only game in town until the chain of Flex Spa opened a franchise in Cleveland. I don’t know the circumstances that led to Club Cleveland shutting its doors. Its Facebook page is still up and according to one poster the club owned $63,000 in property taxes. Regardless they have been closed since 2010.

In 2012 the building even sustained further damage due to Hurricane Sandy. So the chances of someone opening up a new bathhouse in that building was nil. It would be a money pit as it would take a major renovation to get the place back to its former glory.

Club Cleveland, Bathhouse, Ohio, Cleveland
Club Cleveland

The property has been sold to Vintage Development Group. They have no plans to be in the bathhouse business. The building that houses Club Cleveland will be demolished. In its place, the company plans to build an apartment building.

If those walls inside Club Cleveland could talk. But since the building will be demolished, those walls will soon be silenced.

But if you want to go down memory lane, just click the Club Cleveland YouTube video below

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Fairoaks Project Exhibit In NYC

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June 30, 2014

I had previously written a blog post about the Fairoaks Baths Exhibit in 2010. I was going to write a follow-up as the exhibit will be in New York City in July. Imagine my surprise to find a comment on this exhibit from Gary Freeman, its curator. Thanks Gary! You just saved me a ton of work writing about the event. All I have to do is copy and paste your comment into its own blog post!

Here it is below.

This is an announcement and an invitation to come to the opening of the Fairoaks Baths show next month in New York City (July 11, 2014). It has been a long-standing goal for the Fairoaks Project to show at The Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art and it’s finally here and we are going to have a grand party.

For those who are unfamiliar with the exhibit, it is a rare Look inside a SF Gay Bathhouse in 1978

Frank Melleno’s Polaroid photography captured an extraordinary glimpse into pre-AIDS gay sexual culture. Melleno was part-owner and night manager of The Fairoaks Hotel, a unique San Francisco bathhouse operating from 1977 to 1979. His candid images are remarkable, documenting the social and sexual behavior with celebration and no apology.

The Fairoaks was owned and operated by a gay commune, lending a counter-culture approach to the establishment. There were monthly theme parties including costume and “Open Door” parties, when room doors would be removed from hinges. Many images contain nudity and erotic scenes.

Frank Melleno, The Fairoaks Project, San Francisco Bathhouse, New York City
The Fairoaks Project

The restored images, known as Frank Melleno’s Fairoaks Baths, were well received at Los Angeles venues Highways and drkrm/Gallery and at the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco. The Advocate and Lambda Literary have written articles on The Fairoaks.
The Boyfriend, a singing trio tracing its origin to performance artist Vaginal Davis, will perform at the opening.

This new show will contain many new images that have not been seen before including the one on the Fairoaks postcard. The opening will feature once again “The Boyfriend” who has performed at all of the Fairoaks openings. Please forward this invitation to friends in New York who will have their first chance to see it. Below I have enclosed the details of the opening at the Prince Street Project Space of the Leslie-Lohman Museum and a short description of the show. The Fairoaks was reviewed this month in The Advocate (link here to see more pictures)

More information can be found at The Fairoaks Project official website.

I hope you can make it or let your friends in NYC know. Lots of people from the West Coast will be traveling there to celebrate this lively period of gay erotic history.

Queer culture lives,
Gary Freeman
Fairoaks Curator

Fairoaks Baths: photography by Frank Melleno
Polaroids from a San Francisco bathhouse in 1978
Curated by Gary Freeman
Open Reception July 11, 2014 6-8pm
Performance by The Boyfriend
Exhibition July 12-13, noon-6pm

Prince St. Project Space of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art 127-B Prince St., New York, NY 10012 (At Prince & Wooster)

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Gay Sauna Sex In The UK

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June 30, 2014

 stuart haggas, sauna, sti, sex, james wharton, HIV, fs142
Gay Sex and the Sauna

Gay Sauna. OK enough of this doom and gloom, time for something different. One of the reasons to go to the baths. That is to view all that hot eye candy! Hot, hunky, smoking hot men. Absolutely gorgeous!

The gay men’s health magazine from the UK, FS Magazine, has recently done a photo layout and article on Gay Sex and the Sauna. Because Britain’s gay saunas have been in the news lately, the magazine wanted to change the channel. Writing about the good things that gay saunas can offer.

While it is all not sunshine, gay saunas are not that bad. As long as you know the rules and its etiquette. Which the magazine writes about. Or rather what Stuart Haggas has written with beautiful photography by Chris Jepson. The basic question asked is this. Are gay saunas still relevant on Britain’s gay scene–or is it time for them to be consigned to history?

The model in this photo-shoot is former Mr Gay UK and XX model Dan Broughton, with Saunabar in London as its backdrop.

Some more steamy images below. So don’t forget to read the article linked above. To see more of these sexy images featuring Dan Broughton at Saunabar go to Chris Jepson’s other website Manshooter

 stuart haggas, sauna, sti, sex, james wharton, HIV, fs142
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Inquest Into Drug Overdose At Bathhouse

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June 27, 2014

Pleasuredrome keeps getting itself in the news. Just the other day it was reported that they owed a ton of money in back taxes. Now an inquest is being held that once again puts this gay sauna back in the headlines.

As reported on this blog, back in 2012 three deaths due to drug overdose were linked to Pleasuredrome.

Pleasuredrome, UK, London, England, GHB, Drugs, Met, Overdose
Pleasuredrome 2013 Photoshoot

41-year-old Greg Page and 46-year-old John Scott were discovered at Pleasuredrome unresponsive at the same time. While Page was pronounced dead on the scene, Scott died in hospital three days later. Both had high levels of GHB in their system. Page had a combination of GHB, alcohol and cocaine. Scott had GHB and MPA, a meth-amphetamine substitute. If that wasn’t enough hours later a third man was rushed to hospital after overdosing on the drug, but was later released.

Eight months previously 41-year-old Konstantinos Bamptazis was found dead in his room after ingesting mephedrone and GHB.

The sauna’s proprietor, Charles Hill, has said since the incidents the sauna has been ‘more aggressive’ in their drug searches and is now clean. Emergency strip lights has been installed, which was a complaint paramedics had. As it was hard for them to see while doing their duties. In addition more staff have been trained in CPR. In compliance with city council, the number of hours to rent a room have been reduced.

The inquest continues, as this blog will provide updates as they happen.

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Bathhouse The Musical Returns To The UK

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June 27, 2014

Bathhouse the Musical, London, England

Bathhouse The Musical has returned to London at the Above The Stag theater. This is a return engagement for Above The Stage, as this musical first played there in 2009.

Back then it was fresh from its US debut. Five years later it still seems quite topical and alive. The wardrobe of only towels worn is quite appropriate, given it is summer and quite steamy.

But it is also the start of LGBT Pride in London, and it has bolstered interest in the musical. Tickets sold out so fast, that the run has been extended an additional 3 weeks.

So if you are in London, you have until August 9th to catch this show. So don’t delay, and get your tickets now. If not you might miss the theater event of the year!

In the meantime enjoy some to the pictures below from the production.

Bathhouse the Musical

Bathhouse the Musical

Bathhouse the Musical

Bathhouse the Musical

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Toronto Bathhouse Raids Mural

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June 23, 2014

WorldPride has come to North America for the first time. Well actually Canada, but that country is in the continent of North America. This is an event that LGBT pride issues on an international level through parades, festivals and other cultural activities.

Quite appropriate that Canada is hosting this cycle of WorldPride, as the country is a leader in being progressive towards the LGBT community. While there is still more work to do, Canada has had same-sex marriage for almost 10 years.

Plus the province (similar to a US state) of Ontario just elected their first openly gay Premier (similar to a Governor). This is the first time an openly gay head of government has been elected in North America. Or of any Commonwealth jurisdiction.

So Canada has plenty to celebrate. In preparation of WorldPride the committee handling the event has commissioned several artists to paint murals around Church and Wellesley. This area is known as the gay community.

Toronto, Bathhouse, Raids, WorldPride, Mural, Christiano De Araujo, Troy BrooksImage courtesy of Christiano De Araujo

One of the most historic moments in Canada’s gay movement was the Toronto Bathhouse Raids. In 1981 the Toronto police raided four bathhouses and arrested over 200 men. That mass arrest galvanized a movement that solidified the gay community in Canada to act as one. To protest the discrimination against gays and lesbians in Canada. The Toronto bathhouse raids became Canada’s version of Stonewall. So it is quite fitting that this historic moment have a mural all its own.

With original art from Troy Brooks and the mural painting and design from Christiano De Araujo, the project got underway in the fall of 2013. Along with paint generously donated by Dulux Paints.

Below is a video showing the project from start to finish in 18 days. WorldPride concludes June 29, 2014 with the huge Gay Pride Parade.

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Jason Biggs Gay Bathhouse Scene

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June 10, 2014

First Matt Bomer, now Jason Biggs has a scene in a gay bathhouse? Seems the baths are becoming more and more mainstream in the American psyche.

First some background. This scene is from the series Orange Is the New Black by Netflix. The series chronicles one bisexual woman who is serving a 15 month jail sentence for drug smuggling. Jason Biggs plays her husband.

Jason Biggs, Todd Sussman, OITNB, Bathhouse, Gay, Groupon

The scene in question features his character (Larry Bloom) visiting a sauna with his father (played by character actor Todd Sussman). They sit in the sauna talking about Larry’s wife being in jail. During the conversation Larry realizes that this isn’t just any sauna they are in. Rather it is a gay bathhouse. Larry’s dad had no clue. he just saw a Groupon deal for a bathhouse visit and grabbed it!

If only more gay baths had groupon deals, think of all the money we could save!

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Matthew Bomer Gay Bathhouse Scene

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June 1, 2014

After many struggles, delays and setbacks Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart has finally been adapted into a film for HBO. This stars among others Matthew Bomer and Mark Ruffalo. Originally a play, it is set during the early days of the AIDS crisis from 1981 to 1984.

Back then the baths and AIDS were so intertwined in the minds of many. The end results being that bathhouses were shut down in many cities. All in the hopes of halting the further spread of AIDS.

Matthew Bomer, Bathhouse, Gay

The film uses the now closed bathhouse Man’s Country as its reference. In their first dinner together, the character Felix (played by Matthew Bomer) reminds Ned (played by Mark Ruffalo) that this is not the first time they have met. They had previously hooked up at Man’s Country.

Matthew Bomer, Bathhouse, Gay

Below is a commercial from the 1970s, which is recreated for the film.

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Gay Bathhouse Owes In Back Taxes

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June 1, 2014

Back Taxes. Every year there are companies who owe in back taxes. Recently the UK tax authority (HMRC) has released its list of companies who have defaulted on its taxes. Thus owing back taxes. This list includes companies owing over £25,000.

There was one business that raised eyebrows. Waterloo Leisure Ltd, otherwise known as Pleasuredrome, the gay men’s sauna in London. Between between May 2010 and April 2013, the company racked up an unpaid tax bill of more than £850,000.

Back Taxes, Pleasuredrome, UK, London, England

No word yet on when and if they will pay or even appeal the amount owing. In the meantime why not enjoy Pleasuredrome promotional video below.

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Club Dallas 30 Years With Dallas Voice

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May 31, 2014

What an amazing 30 years it has been for both of these institutions.

In fact Club Dallas celebrates two milestones this year. It will celebrate its 40th anniversary as one of the longest running Bathhouses in America this August.

During the past 40 years this bathhouse has weathered some stormy times. Everything from the gay rights movement to the Aids crisis to the digital age of hook-ups; this club has seen it all.

Club Dallas, Dallas Voice, Anniversary, Texas, USA
Club Dallas

But they are celebrating another milestone. 30 years of advertising in the Dallas Voice. Since its inception on May 11, 1984, Club Dallas has had an ad in every edition. Both businesses have every intention of keeping this relationship going.

To read more about this special relationship go to The Over 30 Club: Club Dallas.

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