Gay Bathhouse Raids In Egypt

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December 9, 2014

There seems to be quite a disturbing trend in the bathhouse world these days. Which is the amount of Gay Bathhouse Raids taking place. This past August two Lebannon saunas were raided. While in October a Bankok sauna suffered its own Gay Bathhouse Raids.

Now we have a third raid, this one happening in Egypt. This is a country that is quite morally conservative, with discrimination being rampant. As a result being gay is not specifically against the law in Egypt. But law enforcement gets around that rule, by arresting LGBT people for crimes like debauchery, immorality or blasphemy.

Egyptian police received a tip about a Cairo bathhouse holding a gay orgy. The cops raided this alleged gay Cairo hammam (sauna). Arresting at least 33 men (including the owner) for perversion. They were taken away naked and loaded on to trucks. The men tried to cover their face from the cameras and onlookers.

Mona Iraqi, a journalist working on the story, posted proudly about the raid on her Facebook page — along with still shots. Sample of what she wrote (with translation by LGBTI campaigner and Middle East expert Scott Long) below along with the pictures






‘With pictures, we reveal the biggest den of group perversion in the heart of Cairo. In the bath, there are spaces for group perversion… Police arrested the men who were in the baths, caught in the act during a group sex party. They also arrested the head of the den and all the workers. They were immediately transported to the prosecution with no clothes. Their clothes were taken as evidence in the case. ‘The El Mostakbai program will be shown next Wednesday (December 10): the whole story of the dens for spreading AIDS in Egypt.’

The homophobia this woman is spreading is truly horrifying. In one of the pictures above it seems to be here recording this raid. Fortunately you can tell her exactly what you think! If you want to drop Mona a friendly line her personal Facebook page is here. With her other fan page is here. Send her a message on behalf o fyour gay brothers in Egypt

UPDATE: Three suspects among the 21 young men arrested at a Cairo bathhouse were found to be sexually assaulted according to Egypt’s official forensics authority. Medical examinations indicate that unconsensual sexual relations took place.

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Pascual Fernandez Gay Bathhouse Pictures

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November 17, 2014

Pascual who? Yep if you are like me you have never heard of Pascual Fernandez. Unless you lived in Spain.

He is police officer turned reality TV star in Spain. Pascual fell into the world of reality TV by appearing in the series A Prince For Corina (which he won). He followed up that show with two other reality programs, Women And Men And Vice Versa and Spain’s version of Survivor.

Pascual FernandezPascual Fernandez Facebook

Pascual is currently on leave from the police force, with the goal of returning to the beat in 2015. So for the next year he wants to squeeze as much out of his 15 minutes as possible. First up his own book entitled Pascual: I Am Not A Prince.

To promote the book to his huge gay following, Pascual Fernandez stripped off his clothes and posed for pictures in a gay sauna. The Sauna Octopus, located in central Madrid.

Pascual FernandezPascual Fernandez Twitter

To see the rest of the photos go here

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Dance Theater Piece Dramatizes The Baths

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November 7, 2014

DV8 Physical Theater is a dance company that has produced many highly acclaimed dance pieces. Their latest is project is a dance theater entitled JOHN. The title character has an abusive father and a shattered family. We see him go through compulsion, addiction, cruising, HIV, loneliness and being starved of love.


As the dance theater piece gets into the character’s present day life, the show moves into the hardly discussed world of gay saunas. There John finds himself a regular customer, in search for love and that personal connection. Throughout the dance spoken word and movement are combined to create an intense, moving and poignant theatrical experience.

Writes Greg Mitchell of The Gay UK

“Later the set doubles for the gay sauna where much of the second part of the piece is played out, perfect in its depiction of the endless cruising from sauna to steam room to rest rooms. Much of the choreography is unbelievably complex. In the group scenes, you feel that if one member of the company were to misplace a foot or a hand, then the whole delicate balance would be destroyed.”


Dance Theater
DV8 Physical Theater Facebook

For more check out the trailer at the video below. For touring dates go to their Facebook page at link above.

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Wingate Club Damaged By Fire Again

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November 3, 2014

For the second time in 18 months, the Wingate Club has caught fire. Unlike the last time when it was deemed accidental. This time it looks suspicious.

Firefighters responded to a call at 10:40 PM. What they found was smoke coming from the roof. According to a fire investigator the blaze was started in an exterior light fitting and traveled up the wall, into the roof.

New Zealand sauna, Auckland, Wingate Club, Fire, Sauna
Wingate Club

Luckily no patrons were injured at the time of the fire. The last time there was a fire, the sauna had to be closed for about a month. Since then the premises underwent repairs and a major redesign within the interior.

The Wingate Club website says “Rebuild resumes! Roof now on and scaffolding is down.”

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Flex Spa Offers Free HIV Testing Kits

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November 3, 2014

Bathhouses all over feature vending machines to buy just about anything. Soft drinks, junk food, underwear and even sex toys. But at Flex Spa in LA they are introducing a new product to their vending machine.

Free HIV testing kits will be offered via vending machine and offered for free. This measure is being funded by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). Normally this free testing kit would retail for $46.00.

Flex Spa
Flex Spa Facebook

President and chief executive of Flex Spa, Todd J. Saporito says, “Flex Spas is pleased to partner with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation on this groundbreaking effort”

Though the kits are free, users will have to anonymously answer five demographic questions on an iPad kiosk and get an access code; users can get two kits with each code.

The HIV testing kits will be expanded to other Flex’s bathhouses in Atlanta, Cleveland and Phoenix in addition to Los Angeles.

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Bangkok Bathhouse Raid

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October 23, 2014

Raid took place this past Sunday night at the Bangkok Bathhouse Hijack Sauna in Lat Yao district. This bust was not because of the sex going on between guys.

Rather it was because the club was operating a gay bar without a license. Apparently someone dropped the dime on the club. Plus local residents complained about all the noise at all hours of the night.

The cops entered the Bangkok Bathhouse, turned the lights on and blocked both the front and back entrance. At the end of the night more than 80 people, including 2 women, were detained.

Hijack Sauna, Bangkok Bathhouse
Hijack Sauna

With Ectasy and ketamine were found on the premises, all were given a drug test. Those who tested negative were let go after being booked. Those who tested positive were questioned to find out where they got the drugs.

Among those rounded up were online celebrity singer Sitthipong “Pom” Jiracharoenwong, 24, and his 18-year-old boyfriend. Sitthipong tested positive for narcostics as did 32 other patrons. No word what charges those who tested positive might face. Watch this blog for further updates to this story.

Sitthipong “Pom” Jiracharoenwong official music video is below.

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Two Articles With Bathhouse Connections

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The past couple of days two articles have appeared with bathhouse connections.

To PrEP or not to PrEP. This pill raises questions about gay identity. Which is a daily preventative pill against HIV has revived a decades-old debate about sex in the gay community in Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen and the gay baths. Is this a false sense of security? Or a license to relive the free-wheeling days of the sexual revolution before HIV and AIDS set in.

Click To PrEP or not to PrEP to read more.

Bathhouse Connections

Photo via Flickr user Artur Potosi

Meanwhile Brian Moylan interviews the president of the North American Bathhouse Association. 75-year-old Dennis Holding and how he sees the baths evolving in today’s technology market. Read Can We Make Gay Bathhouses Cool Again?

So click on both articles for two different takes on these bathhouse connections in 2014.

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Owner of GuyZ Bathhouse Dies Suddenly

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September 21, 2014

There have been many deaths at the baths due to drug overdoses. But this death was not one of them. The owner of GuyZ, Gavin Sloane, died rather suddenly while working the counter at the sauna.

Apparently he had suffered a heart attack at 11:30 PM. Efforts to revive him were not successful.

Gavin Sloane

Says close friend Keith Crump “Gavin always had a friendly smile for customers, offering both contented and disappointed his hallmark lollipop on departing after an evening spent at his clean, and well appointed facility”

Memorial service has already taken place, with Sloane’s remains privately cremated after the service. A notice on the door of GuyZ indicates it will re-open on October 30th.

Gavin Sloane was 67 years old, and he will be missed.

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Halifax Gay Bathhouse Closed

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September 19, 2014

Halifax is a city located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a vibrant area that is a mixture of urban and rural communities. Like all urban centres it has a large GLBT population. But now they will be missing one thing. Halifax Gay Bathhouse.

Halifax Gay Bathhouse, Seadog's Sauna and Spa

The city’s only Halifax Gay Bathhouse, Seadog’s Sauna and Spa, suddenly closed its doors. The entrance is firmly shut, no messages can be left on its voicemail and their Facebook page has been taken down. All that is left is its website, which reads: “SeaDogs is closed until further notice. Thank you for your patronage over the years.”

Entrepreneur Doug Melanson sold the bathhouse to Kevin and John Warren earlier this year. Renovations had been taking place up until its sudden shutdown.

Now Halifax has no bathhouse or any place for men to meet for sex in a safe environment. Not only that, the bathhouse was a sex-positive space for other communities. Such as lesbians and transfolks. This has left Halifax with no place for all these various groups to have a space for these type of activities. Hopefully someone else will pick up the mantle. Enjoy some of the pictures below from happier times at the Seadog.

Halifax Gay Bathhouse, Seadog's Sauna and Spa

Halifax Gay Bathhouse, Seadog's Sauna and Spa

Halifax Gay Bathhouse, Seadog's Sauna and Spa

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Trans Guy Visits NY Gay Baths

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September 8, 2014

Thomas Page McBee is a writer who has the moniker of “masculinity expert”. He was a regular contributor to VICE magazine on the subject. Now he writes similar columns for a number of magazines. Later on this year he is gearing up to publishing his new book. Man Alive, his memoir about what makes a man.

Thomas is a straight man who has gone through his transition. From female to full fledged male. FTM. He has just written a piece of going to the NY gay baths as someone who is fully male.

NY Gay Baths, Thomas Page McBee
Thomas Page McBee

I have to say it takes plenty of guts and courage to go to a NY gay baths after transitioning. But it is not that uncommon.

There are plenty of FTM and MTF walking the hallways, and you would never know it. Especially in the dark room. Who can really see who is giving or receiving oral?

This is a terrific first person account written from the trans male perspective. To read it for yourself go to The American Man: A Sunday Morning at the Bath House.

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