Aquarius Baths Murder Case Update

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March 26, 2015

It has been over a year since a mistrial was declared in the Aquarius Baths murder case against Justin James Rosdobutko. He has been accused of manslaughter in the deaths of Steven Yablonski and Robert Clark. They both died of smoke inhalation at the Aquarius Men’s Bath in Winnipeg in 2009. Yablonski was a local entertainer and Clark was from Saskatchewan.

Mistrial, Bathhouse, Canada, Gay, Sauna, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Trial, Murder, Aquarius BathsAquarius Baths

Prosecutors allege that James Rosdobutko deliberately set fires in two rooms at the Aquarius Baths. For more on the case and the mistrial go to Mistrial In Bathhouse Murder Case

Recently the CBC in Winnipeg did an update on where the case is at, and speaks to some of Steven Yablonski friends on how they are coping. See video below

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Another Death At Pleasuredrome Gay Sauna

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March 13, 2015

37-year-old man collapsed at the Pleasuredrome gay sauna, and later pronounced dead the hospital. Right now the cause of death is unknown.

Due to its investigation, the venue was temporarily shut down for 24 hours.

Death, Gay Bathhouse, Pleasuredrome, UK, London, England

Pleasuredrome has had a history of men dying at this facility, as three men had died in 2012. Read Another Death At Gay Sauna In London for more into.

A join inquest was later conducted. Go to Inquest Into Drug Overdose At Bathhouse to read more.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: “Police were called at approximately 3.40pm yesterday by staff at a south London hospital after a man who had been admitted there earlier in the day died.

“The man, believed to be aged 37, was admitted to hospital after being taken ill at a venue in Cornwall Road. The death is being treated as unexplained at this time.”

Pleasuredrome promotional video below.

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My Experience With Racism

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February 13, 2015

For all the talk about achieving equality in mainstream society, the gay community doesn’t always practice what it preaches. Which is the never discussed, but always present, racism that is wide-spread in gay circles. Ironic as this is a group that has fought for equal rights. While at the same time is quite segregated by race within its own community.

Asian, Black, Racism, Gay, Interracial, White, Discrimination
My Experience With Racism In The Gay Community

Spanning a decade, comes the stories of discrimination and racism in the gay community. With tales not just from gay men in North America, but all over the world. Over one hundred guys, all of them men of color, have written their thoughts of racism among their gay peers. When it comes to the gay men and their community, there is no such thing as equality.

Purchase this book NOW at!

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Death At Flex Spa Atlanta

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February 12, 2015

This past Tuesday (February 10) a man was found deceased inside the Flex Spa Atlanta. Officer Ralph Woolfolk says “No foul play suspected at this time and cause of death has not been determined.”

According to Flex Spa Atlanta general manager, Chris Meche, the man in question was a longtime customer. Who did have a history of heart problems. In all likelihood died of natural causes.

Flex Spa Atlanta
Flex Spa Atlanta

During its investigation many of the customers were brought to the main floor. As parts of the bathhouse were being cordoned off. Says one customer who was at the scene, “It was very quiet. It was all over within a matter of a couple of hours.”

While the customers on scene were not questioned, staff was who appeared distraught over the incident.

“They didn’t say a whole lot. The people there looked upset,” the customer says.

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Nick Capra Tours Flex Spas in Cleveland

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February 2, 2015

Porn star Nick Capra is in for a surprise when he flies in from sunny San Diego, CA to cold Cleveland, OH. It’s cold! What better way to warm up then sitting in the hot sauna at Flex Spas.

Nick Capra, Flex Spa, Cleveland
Flex Spas Cleveland

In this two-part interview he takes the viewers on a tour of Flex Spas. Showing the gym, pumping some weights, hanging out in the locker room and more. While at the same time answering all the question his fans really want to know. Both his sexual likes and dislikes, in addition to his sobriety and addiction struggles.

Check it out below.

Part #1

Part #2

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Bette Midler Swan Song At Continental Baths

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February 2, 2015

For all those newbies who don’t know, Bette Midler started her career singing at the Continental Baths. Along with Barry Manilow as her accompanist. Just posted on YouTube is her final performance.

Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Continental Baths, New York City

“This is my 800th farewell appearance here at the Continental Baths,” says a very younger Bette Midler after her opening number “Friends”. She continues, “I didn’t expect to be back so soon…They had me booked at Fire Island…I was supposed to work at Cherry Grove — I was supposed to sing. But they couldn’t find room for me in the bushes.”

See video below for Bette Midler entire one-hour performance.

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Acquittal in Gay Bathhouse Raid Trial

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January 13, 2015

As written about in December, 26 men were arrested and charged with debauchery after cops raided a Cairo bathhouse.

News of the gay bathhouse raid made headlines around the world. With human rights activists condemning Cairo for its poor treatment of gays and lesbians.

The defendants had faced up to 9 years in prison for participating in homosexual activities. However it took less than a minute for the judge to find the defendants innocent and dismiss the case.

Gay Bathhouse Raid
Gay Bathhouse Raid

Within seconds of being acquitted, the 26 defendants shouted with joy. While attending relatives sobbed in relief.

“They destroyed our lives. God rescued us,” one of the defendants

Defense lawyer Tarik al-Awadi, “The verdict is an accurate reflection of the law and we expected this outcome.”

“However, the rights of the defendants will only be realized when the authorities put on trial. The people who were involved in this, and those who offended the honor of these people.”

Which might be bad news for the journalist who triggered this gay bathhouse raid. And who later broadcast footage to millions of viewers. Several of the acquitted men no say they will seek legal action against this reporter. So this story is far from over.

UPDATE: Mona Iraqi, the television show host that aired a segment accusing 26 men of homosexuality in a Cairo bathhouse, will stand trial on charges of defamation and the spreading of false news, announced the prosecution.

Iraqi and Tarek Nour, owner of the channel of Al-Qahera Wal-Nas which broadcasts Iraqi’s television show, will both face preliminary hearings on April 5.

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Images Of Gay Bathhouse History

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January 9, 2015

With the terrible news coming out of Egypt, the folks at Advocate decided to highlight the incredibly rich history the baths have had.

Titled #TBT: Back to the Baths, the magazine presents as series of images that explores the rich, moist beginnings of the gay bathhouse history. Such as the image below. The classic movie Spartacus, where Sir Laurence Olivier cruises John Gavin.

Gay Bathhouse History

Go to the link below and as the article states, let’s take a trip down the slippery tiles of Memory Lane with the gay bathhouse history. But be careful not to fall in the wet areas!

Go to TBT: Back to the Baths

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Bathhouses Begin To Reinvent Themselves

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December 23, 2014

One of the biggest stories of 2014 was the story that ran in the Associated Press. The death of the gay baths.

It must of been a very SLOW news week, as that story was picked up and ran all over the world. It went viral as no bathhouse has done. Well maybe with the exception of the recent Bathhouse bust in Egypt last month.

The bottom line is that baths around the world must reinvent themselves. If they allow themselves to be stagnant, they will get lost in the dust.

Spa Excess, reinvent
Spa Excess

With the end of 2014, many baths around the world will host a new year’s eve extravaganza. This is one of their busiest nights, and best money making events. This also another way for the baths to reinvent, by hosting event like these.

See how Canada is paving the way with the article A new reality for Toronto’s bathhouses.

Profiled in the piece is the Toronto bathhouse Spa Excess (see image above) and how they have defied the odds to remain open and thrive in this competitive market.

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Bathhouse Musical Strip For Great Cause

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December 23, 2014

Bathhouse: The Musical will be returning to Above The Stag. The UK’s award-winning and only LGBT theatre.

To celebrate its return each of the stars of this bathhouse musical will be featured in Gay Times Magazine. But this is no ordinary edition. It is their brand new naked issue, all to support the cancer charity Balls of Cancer.

Bathhouse The MusicalFacebook for Bathhouse: The Musical

At the link below is star, director and choreographer Tim McArthur and actor Ryan Lunch giving a sneak preview of the up-coming article. In addition to their thoughts of their bathhouse musical.

Go to The cast of Bathhouse: The Musical strip for GT

Clip of the show

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