Another Philadelphia Bathhouse Death

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March 23, 2014

On the heels a death at Club Philadelphia comes news of another death in a different Philadelphia bathhouse. This past Sunday (March 23, 2014) a 41-year old man was discovered with vital signs.

Sansom Street Gym, Philadelphia, Death, G Philly
Sansom Street Gym

He was discovered at 4:30 PM, three hours after he missed his 1:30 PM check-out time. So far the police have noting to say other than it was a ‘sudden death.’ But the proprietor of the Sansom Street Gym seems to have plenty to say. They tell G Philly the death was not drug related. That the cause of death was a heart attack. Later on they released this statement.

We regret to inform everyone that we did have an unfortunate passing at our facility this past Sunday afternoon. Out of respect for this person & his family we are unable to release the deceased name.

Nevertheless, we have learned that it wasn’t drug related and that the deceased had a Coronary Heart Disease and passed away due to a heart attack.

We send our heart felt condolences to the deceased family and friends.

Thank You,

To read more go to Another Gay Bathhouse Death In Philadelphia, at Sansom Street Gym

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Death at Club Philadelphia

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March 20, 2014

A death has occurred at Club Philadelphia a week ago Friday. According to G Philly, police arrived on the scene at 1:59 A.M on March 15. The 60-year-old man was later pronounced dead at Jefferson hospital.

This bathhouse was once known as a drug infested establishment where overdoses happened on a fairly regular basis. Two years ago a Canadian, Chris Srnicek, bought the business. Since then he has worked hard on renovating the club and riding it of its bad reputation. Complete with the name change to Club Philadelphia.

Club Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Death, G Philly
Club Philadelphia

Srnicek told G Philly that the man died in all likelihood of natural causes. “We don’t think it’s drugs. There were no needles in the room. … Plus, as far as I know the gentleman was older, well put together, and was courteous and polite to the staff — not the stereotypical drug profile.”

Police are still investigating, but Srnicek feels confident they will find nothing “because as far as we know there was nothing strange or exceptional about his passing.”

To read more go to Man Found Dead in Gayborhood Bathhouse

UPDATE Some push back has arisen about Chris Srnicek comments on what a drug user looks like. He has responded that he was baited by the reporter and his words were taken out of context.

“My comments were taken COMPLETELY out of context…sorry Gents…!!! We got baited into this article and it has been spun to our detriment.”

He added later “It was spun negatively for us. Of course I don’t think 60 is old; I’m not a young twink myself. Anyway; we got baited into this article; my bad…I now know better when contacted by the media. Cheers, Chris”

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Gay Steam: True Sex Tales From The Tubs

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March 06, 2014

Gay Asian male who wrote Bathhouse Blues is back! This time with a new book that features 100% new original material. Real-life gay sex hook-ups witnesses firsthand by the author. This read will give you a front row seat on some of the wildest man-on-man action that takes place at the baths.

Gay Bathhouse, Sauna, Steam Room, Tubs, Sex, Book, Erotica, Gay Steam
Gay Steam: True Sex Tales From The Tubs

While many stories have been written about gay bathhouse sex, most of those stories are fiction. Imagined by an author. Gay Steam features sex stories are 100% true. These stories have actually taken place in a bathhouse setting. Everything is true and actually happened. All observed by the author.

Order your copy at Amazon for only $4.85 Just Click This Link NOW!.

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Prince Harry Former Comrade In The Military Says Gay Saunas Should Be Shut Down

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March 04, 2014

James Wharton is a former soldier who served with Prince Harry in the Household Cavalry. He is also openly out, married and now an activist for LGBT causes.

James Wharton, Prince Harry, Gay Sauna, Winq, H20 Sauna

He recently stirred the pot by advocating the closure of bathhouses saying they promote homophobia and will set back the fight for equality. Particularly where same-sex marriage is concerned.

Writing in the magazine Winq, Wharton has penned an OP-ED piece (only available in hard copy) where he links the baths to the high number of drug overdoses.

He writes “Sex saunas need to be history. The time has come to close them down.” For the GLBT community to be accepted into the mainstream, gay sauna must be shut down. The reason being they are “thorns in our side that mark our community as different for the wrong reasons.”

“If we don’t, we feed the haters and we hand the bigots who remain a vocal minority ammunition with which to attack us,” Wharton writes.

“For me as a gay man, the notion that there exist within our communities a series of places that actively promote the convening of gay men for participation in sex of shades various and in groups of all sizes rather revolts me – and I ‘ve been round the block a few times, believe me. I’m no prude, not even close, but the days when we gathered in clandestine fashion for the want of a network or a sexual outlet are surely long gone,” he added.

Wharton even cites a case in Manchester where a male customer was discovered lying dead in the bathroom. Adding it is time for gay men to “grow up”.

Responding to the backlash the article generated, Wharton has added “I find it unfathomable that people do not comprehend the danger associated with engaging in sexual activity with strangers, often under the influence of alcohol and drugs – saunas are major culprits for all three of these risk factors.”

To read more go to Shut down gay saunas if you want the community taken seriously

And James Wharton’s follow-up comments to the backlash his OP-ED generated at James Wharton responds to backlash over closing gay saunas

UPDATE response to James Wharton’s OP-ED. If we shut gay saunas, the crackdown on sex won’t end there

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Mistrial Declared In Bathhouse Murder Trial

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February 14, 2014

A mistrial has been declared in a case where Justin James Rosdobutko was charged with two counts of manslaughter. Steven Yablonski and Robert Clark died of smoke inhalation at the Aquarius Men’s Bath in Winnipeg in 2009.

Aquarius Bathhouse, Canada, Gay Sauna, Manitoba, Winnipeg

Prosecutors allege that James Rosdobutko deliberately set fires in two rooms at the bathhouse. This is not a hate crime, as prosecutors believe he was not targeting anyone specific.

After four years the trial began this week. But mid-week the judge has declared a mistrial. This after new evident was introduced about the cause of the fire.

So the new trial will probably not be underway until 2015. We will keep you posted for any new details.

To read more go to Mistrial declared in case of deadly bathhouse fire

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Hollywood Spa To Close Its Doors

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February 11, 2014

One of the most historic and oldest gay bathhouses in the US is set to shut its doors. Hollywood Spa first opened its doors in 1974 and had not only survived but thrived. But after 40 years the owners cannot afford the rent.

Hollywood Spa, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Historic, USA
Hollywood Spa

Located at 1650 Ivar Ave, the current landlords want to double the rent of nearly $30,000 per month. The Spa is already six months behind in the rent already.

It is likely to close within the next two months, so if you want to enjoy the Hollywood Spa one last time, you better book your next trip. And fast.

To read more go to One of LA’s Oldest Gay Bathhouses, Will Close Soon

UPDATE Keep watch on Hollywood Spa Facebook page for details on a closing date and their Last Big Hurrah!

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Bathhouse scene on HBO Looking

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February 04, 2014

HBO new series Looking features three gay guys in San Francisco looking for love, hence the title Looking.

In episode three entitled Looking at your browser history, we go inside a bathhouse. Dom (played by Australia’s Murray Bartlett) goes to the baths and encounters Scott Bakula in the steam room!

Looking, HBO, Eros, San Francisco, Murray Bartlett, Scott Bakula

Scott looks mighty fine for 60, and it is doubtful anyone would turn him down! If the steam room looks familiar it is because this scene was filmed at Eros in the Castro district. For those who don’t get cable, I’ll spoil the scene for you. There is NO bathhouse sex between these two. Just conversation.

Looking, HBO, Eros, San Francisco, Murray Bartlett, Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula would tell Out Magazine about the scenes

“This was as close as I’d ever gotten to a real bathhouse. Just hearing about it in my old days in New York in the mid-‘70s, you know that was a huge deal. That’s where Bette Midler started and that whole scene! My gay friends would be off to Sunday Tea, and then roll in at 9 the next morning after the bathhouse. But that was about as close as I ever got. But I thought this was a great scene, a great way to introduce the character. I love what that scene was about. But no, I wasn’t shocked. In terms of having my clothes off, I do that a lot.”

Enjoy the screen caps below and click to the video below to watch brief footage of the scene.

Looking, HBO, Eros, San Francisco, Murray Bartlett, Scott Bakula

Looking, HBO, Eros, San Francisco, Murray Bartlett, Scott Bakula

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Man Found Dead Naked On Toilet At East Side Club

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February 01, 2014

Man was found dead at 2:35 AM on Sunday morning (January 26) at the East Side Club. Sources told the New York Daily News the cause of death appeared to be drug related, as narcotics were found.

East Side Club, New York City, USA, Overdose
East Side Club

The East Side club disputes that assumption. Front desk worker Dexter Edwards told the New York Daily News the customer had died of a heart attack.

To read more go to Nude man found dead on toilet in possible OD at Upper East Side bathhouse

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Bathhouse Customer Left For Dead In His Room

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January 10, 2014

Customer was found lying dead in a rented room at the H20 Sauna in Manchester England. The irony of this is that he was discovered two hours earlier by a cleaner and nothing was done.

When the bathhouse attendant first encountered this patron, it was assumed he was sleeping. Even though he was lying in a pool of his own feces. So the attendant cleaned him up, sprayed aerosol in the room and left

Two hours later a second attendant came upon the customer, with the realization he was not showing any vital signs

Death, Overdose, Amphetamine, England, Manchester, H20 Sauna, UK
H2O Sauna

An autopsy would later show the customer had died of high levels of a party drug amphetamine. In addition to caffeine in his system and a pre-existing heart condition.

An inquest is being held to see if this death could have been prevented. Though the coroner said it is unclear when he had died, and if he could have been saved when first discovered.

The inquest is also looking into the health and safety aspect of this particular sauna. The coroner testified he observed blood on the walls and faeces and urine in the sauna area.

In response H20 Sauna assured the inquest new health and safety measures have been placed. Needles (used to inject into penises for erections) and bodily waste and now being disposed into clinical bags. In addition separate cleaning equipment is used for the sauna and kitchen areas.

To read more go to Manchester Gay Village sex sauna slammed for filthy conditions after man lies DEAD in own feces for hours.

UPDATE Follow-up article here Drink, drugs and dangerous sex: Truth behind UK gay sex saunas after man lies dead in faeces at Manchester venue.

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New Gay Sauna Opens In Amsterdam

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January 2, 2014

Brand new gay sauna has opened up in Amsterdam, Nieuwezijds Gay Sauna Amsterdam It can accommodate about 250 men, as it is 500 square feet. It is typical of many bathhouses as its amenities include sling room, jacuzzi, glory hole, steam room and much more. The only rule they ask is please no cum in the hot tub, as it will run havoc to the filter.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sauna, Sling, Glory Hole, Red Light District, BrothelNieuwezijds Gay Sauna Amsterdam

The sauna is located in a neighbourhood where several brothels are located. Which seems to be the only criticism, as many establishments are worried they might have to close. But that criticism seems unwarranted, as the sauna is geared towards gay men. While the brothels are aimed at heterosexual men.

Amsterdam TV recently sent their cameras to get a tour of the place. It is all in Dutch, but you can still figure out what is going on by the visuals. Click video below to see!

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