Video On Athens Bathhouse

May 07, 2013

Found this uploaded on You Tube a few days back. A tour of Alexander Sauna, an Athens Bathhouse

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Alexander Sauna

Alexander Sauna offers you a large, peaceful garden area where you can relax, enjoy your drink and most of all, feel the energy of gay Athens. The very name “Alexander” is an allusion to the Hellenistic years. This Athens Bathhouse is located in the heart of Gazi gay village.

Unfortunately the entire two-part interview is conducted in Greek. However there is a tour of the Sauna, and you definitely don’t need a translator for those images. With this tour you can see that Athens at last has a sauna that can satisfy a modern demanding man. Enjoy watching this two-part report below.

Alexander Sauna – Part #1

Alexander Sauna – Part #2

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