Inside Club 69

Hull Daily Mail recently did an article going inside the gay bathhouse Club 69. It opened three years ago and owner Brian Overton sat down to talk about his establishment saying

“I want to create a social feel to the place,” he said, “and we also regularly have a group of disabled people who come to visit every Wednesday. We also serve roast dinners on Sundays and people are very chatty. It is a place men can come and chat about anything.”

Seedy reputation unfair

“I don’t know where these perceived ideas come from,” he said. “We are a very clean establishment and everyone is respectful of each other.

“Most gay bars have now become mixed which makes it difficult for gay men. In a gay bar you can go up to another man and, while you may get rejected, at least you know he is gay. Now you could be hitting on a straight guy which can be awkward and they could take exception.”

Sex rooms are available

“We do have rooms upstairs where customers can go and have sex,” he said. “We supply condoms and lube but we keep it all clean.

“Men’s Sexual Health also comes to visit and there is a room where they can test customers for sexually transmitted diseases which means men don’t have to go to the clinic which can be embarrassing.

“No one is under pressure to have sex here and certainly no one pays for it. Gay men tend to be more private and there is less voyeurism and group sex than you would get in a swingers club.

“Some people just pop in for a coffee or just sit watch the world go by.

“The big thing for me is discretion. Not everyone who pops in has come out. I often meet members in the street but I won’t acknowledge them just in case. I will wait for them to say hi first.”

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